Monday, January 16, 2012


really the more i learn about The World the more i believe that a lot of Our Problems can be solved by

1. riding more bikes
2. eating less meat

whap-bam-sha-boom mother-fucker! too bad we're all lazy.


i'm usually very good with internalizing music and creating some sort of personal imagery with which to work through a piece. this is the first piece which so far has eluded me almost entirely. it takes a certain broad calmness - indulgent zen - to play brahms well and i'm too nervous, too figety. "we need to make emily quiet," my teacher said, "physically, that is."


i've had a hard time adjusting to school again after the break. we drank wine every night and played showtunes and in the morning we'd swim in the ocean. sometimes all i want is to go home and have a baby or two in a little house (with a composting toilet) by the sea and cook meals that the family all eats together.

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